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《对话》Dialogue— Australia-China Relations 中澳关系 10/26/2016 | CCTV



【订阅CCTV English官方频道】: http://goo.gl/CpzC0H

Interview with Dr. Zhang Feng on Sino-U.S. Relations

In this interview of Dr. Zhang Feng by Xunchao Zhang of the AIIA, Dr. Zhang Feng talks about the recent development in Sino-US relations. In recent years, China and the U.S. face many challenges including the issue of South China Sea, and cyber security. Meanwhile, according to Dr. Zhang Feng, two nations share greater common interests in the areas such as trade, regional peace, and on a wide range of issues concerns international stability. Zhang Feng also talks about the prospect Chinese President Xi Jinping’s 2015 visit to the U.S.

Zhang Feng is a Fellow in the Department of International Relations, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, The Australian National University. He received his PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and has previously taught at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Murdoch University in Perth. His research interests include Chinese foreign policy and strategy, Asia-Pacific international politics, and international relations theory. He is the author of Chinese Hegemony: Grand Strategy and International Institutions in East Asian History (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2015). His articles have appeared in leading international relations journals including the Chinese Journal of International Politics, European Journal of International Relations, Review of International Studies, and Survival. His next two projects are a Chinese book on Chinese sea power and the maritime Silk Road policy and an English book on Chinese grand strategy under the Xi Jinping administration. He writes a weekly column on China’s international relations for thepaper.cn, a major current affairs media platform based in Shanghai. He is also a regular contributor to the Foreign Policy magazine based in Washington.

How can confrontation in the South China Sea be prevented? Interview by the German Marshall Fund of the United States at the 2015 Stockholm China Forum in Guangzhou

The 15th Stockholm China Forum was held in Guangzhou, China on May 22-23, 2015. At the forum, senior members of the policy, intellectual, business, and media communities in the United States, Europe, and China engaged in nuanced discussions on the most urgent Asia policy issues facing the transatlantic community, including: strategic competition in the Asia Pacific, counter-terrorism, Ukraine and Russia, climate change, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.